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Coming Together to Love, Heal & Empower

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Global Community for All - Coming Together to Love, Heal, and Empower

We warmly invite you to join our creative community as we gather with the intention of spreading love, healing, and empowerment in our lives and around the world. Global Community for All is a non-profit global network bringing people together to inspire and empower each other in our shared commitment to build a better world on both a personal and global level.

We gather in small, independent groups to share inspiring stories from our lives; to individually develop and refine intentions for our personal lives; to collectively develop and refine our intentions for the planet; and to unite in loving, healing, and empowering each other and our world. By uniting our efforts on a personal and global scale, we are supporting powerful, positive changes both in our personal lives, and in the world around us.

We share a commitment to these three principles:

  • May we do our best to choose what's best for all
  • May we open to guidance from the divine
  • We commit to love, healing, and empowerment for all

Coming from a variety of backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures, we embrace our differences as a means of learning from each other and enriching each other's lives. We also celebrate our similarities, particularly our shared commitment to the above principles as our community reaches an ever-growing number of people worldwide.

We warmly welcome any and all who feel inspired to join us. There are no costs or fees (though donations are welcome). You can join an already established group in your area, or you can start a group of your own. If you are inspired to join our community or would like further information, please see our website at

We are very inspired and motivated, particularly in these difficult times, to join efforts with any and all who are interested in creating positive, meaningful changes both in our individual lives and around the world through committing to love, heal, and empower each other, to open to divine guidance, and to choose what's best for all.

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Global Community for All is a PEERS empowerment website

"Dedicated to the greatest good of all who share our beautiful world"