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Coming Together to Love, Heal & Empower

Global Community for All
Suggested Gathering Format


Singing, chatting, games, or sitting in silence together.

Opening (you may want to join hands in a circle)

Spend a few minutes in silence focusing on sending love, healing, and empowerment to all.
State or sing our community commitments (below) and anything else important to us.

  • May we do our best to choose what's best for all
  • May we open to guidance from the divine
  • We commit to love, healing, and empowerment for all

Share names and a sentence or two about who we are and/or how we are doing.

Inspiration and Intention (break into groups of 4 to 7 people, 3 minutes per person)

Round of inspirational and/or meaningful stories from our lives–anyone can pass.
Each on our own develop, refine, and review personal intentions for our lives for a few minutes.
Share about how we are integrating our intentions into our lives past, present, and future.
Develop, refine, and review shared intentions for our world. What do we all want for everyone?

Love, Healing, and Empowerment (in groups or all together, 3 minutes per person)

Take turns sharing any challenges we are facing or areas in which we would like healing.
After sharing, each person asks for love, healing, and empowerment in whatever way we like–
silent prayers, having others place hands on us, humming with intentions of love and healing.
End with prayers of love, healing, and empowerment for each of us and for all.

Closing (all together)

Final personal sharing and giving thanks.
Spend a few minutes in silence, thanking the divine and our community,
and envisioning together a world filled with love, healing, and empowerment.
State or sing our community commitments.
Give thanks and open to free time sharing together.

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